Marvellous tone associated artists will perform in Amares at Encontrarte 2017 edition.
Opening the festival today at 21:30, Pedro Augusto ( Live Low, Ghuna X ) w/ José Cordeiro will present a piece with the local associations AECA, AFA, Animares, with screening by João Alves ( Aceloria ) & José Peneda, entitled …o Homem do Cávado.
Tomorrow at 00:00, Pedro André plays Crossfade Memory.

July 28 & 29
at Botica
Amares PT

pedro augusto, joão alves, crossfade memory, encontrarte amares


CROSSFADE MEMORY at Festival a Porta#3


Saturday June 3
Crossfade Memory by Pedro André
About the book  As cidades invisíveis de Italo Calvino.
at Festival a Porta#3
Leiria PT

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Saturday, June 03

Preto Marfim
at Desencaminharte
Lugar Poços Moledo
Caminha PT




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Saturday, April 20
Sticky Stage by DFS ( CGB, WM, Sara Pereira )

In the performance Sticky Stage Discoteca Flaming Star builds a temporary space in which to take up our fatigue and our dreams in order to approach a tender imagination. Going over night the performance is an invitation to sleep in and on a stage suggested as a crossing of stages.

The dystopic landscape of DFS’s films inhabited by the magician and the Dawn–Banners that claim the connection with the change of light, the temperature and the density during sunset und sunrise are mixed with melodies and songs from different sources: from Jules Dassin and Merlina Mercouri’s The Rehearsal, Lana del Rey, Roxy Music, Virgin Prunes, Frederico García Lorca, Jimmy Scott and Rihanna.

The long intervals of repetition of the different elements that constitute the performance are characteristic to group rehearsals. They propose a persistence, as the persistence of the bonding among the participants of a rehearsal and the persistence of the joy of making art. It insists on the fact that we will sing again the song, we will recite again the poem and the text and that we will sleep in the same space, dreaming together. Who will guard our dreams?

The performance is going over night and will last approximately 14 h. For those who want to spend the night (not obligatory): Bring sleeping bags, pillows, shelter, for the night…Mats and breakfast will be provided. Drinks and an evening meal can be bought in the space.

Berlin DE

Sticky stage
at District Berlin

dfs, napa, event


toada_livelowartwork by Sergio Couto & José Peneda

by Live Low
Lovers & Lollypops

u_u_u_fantasmaartwork by André Trindade

by F_NT_SM
Urubu Tapes

live low, f_nt_sm

Çuta Kebab & Party at Lounge

faca-monstro-ckp-dj-lynceposter by gonçalo duarte

Friday, December 2
Çuta Kebab & Party
+ Dj Lynce
Lisbon PT

çuta kebab & party, dj lynce

MTONE recommends


Saturday, october 8
Flácida presents:
concerts by APC Orquestra ~ João Pais Filipe & Julius Gabriel ~ Filipe Felizardo ~ MotoRotos ~ Sarnadas & Vasco da Ganza ~ Xamano ~ H.O.M.O ~ Claiana ~ Vive Les Cônes ~ Dj Traitor ~ Arrogance Arrogance ~ Bleid ~ Ph nt sm ~ Cage Cabarrett
visuals by Doutor Urânio ~ Inês Castanheira ~ Pedro Correia

Rua do Monchique n126
Porto PT