Transmission Rebound Image


HHy ( Soopa colective / Faca Monstro )

 What ( Faca Monstro / Mtone )


November 12th
at West Germany

doors open at 21:00

more info:


HHY is the cypher used by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha to represent his skull-cave dub strategies. Saldanha operates sonically in the projects HHY & The Macumbas, FUJAKO, U.S.S., Mécanosphère, and shares projects and has performed with Raz Mesinai/Badawi, Steve Mackay (The Stooges), Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound), Mark Stewart (The Mafia), Rafael Toral and countless others, playing in cities like New York, Washington, Boston, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid and in festivals like Filmer la Musique and Sónar. Founding member of the musical and artistic platform SOOPA, a visual and sound laboratory based in Porto, Portugal.



WHAT presents drifts through beat patterns, tapestry sounds, bass waves, and contaminated urban soundscapes.The project is hold by the electronic music producer Pedro André. Involved in several projects, from Improvised music, drones and beats. His interests focus specifically on the soundsystem , sonic manipulation and real time sampling , investigating the borders of popular culture and subculture contamination. Pedro André is the co-founder of several colaborative artistic projects such as Altes Finanzamt cultural space ( Berlin ), Piso Colective ( Porto / Berlin ) and the beat platforms Faca Monstro and Mtone.

EMERGE SUBMERGE – by Sara Pereira

Site-specific Instalation/Projection from Fluids and Paradoxes collection of drawings, ideas and sounds. Reality means realities. Drifting though contexts might dissolve you or turn you into stones. Contamination by absorption, by contrast, by balance, by resistance.



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