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DFS Sticky Stage© Marcel Diemer

Saturday, April 30
Discoteca Flaming Star performing Sticky Stage in and with Arena. 

With the performance Sticky Stage, Discoteca Flaming Star show a rehearsal situation in a dystopian landscape ( film by DFS and FP Boué ) in which are mixed poems, melodies and songs from different sources – from audio-excerpts of Jules Dassin’s film The Rehearsal  ( 1974 ) to Lana del Rey, Roxy Music and Rihanna.

The performance happens in the context of Rita McBride Gesellschaft ‘s exhibition, through the whole evening, until next morning. The visitors are invited to sleep in Rita McBride’s Arena, at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. Sleeping pads, pillows and blankets should be brought.

Cristina Gómez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer have been the base of Discoteca Flaming Star since 1998, integrating along their performance work other people within the group. This time, Sara Pereira (Napa).

Düsseldorf DE

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